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Founded in 1999 in San José, Costa Rica
Directed by Gabriela Sáenz-Shelby and Miguel A. López

TEOR/éTica is an independent, private, non-profit, located in San José, Costa Rica. It is as a platform for research and diffusion of contemporary artistic practices, with an emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean. Virginia Pérez-Ratton (1950-2010), a Costa Rican artist, curator and researcher, founded the project in in 1999. The name TEOR/éTica means theory, aesthetics and ethics.

TEOR/éTica develops work in four main areas:

  • Curated exhibitions
  • Support, promotion and documentation of works by artists from Central America and the Caribbean
  • An editorial project with more than 40 publications
  • Talks, theoretical events and symposia with international guests

The cultural projects carried out by TEOR/éTica are aimed at a wide public with an interest in global realities, as thought of from a Central American and Caribbean perspective. From TEOR/éTica, Virginia Pérez-Ratton’s actions and those of the team that accompanied her, focused on promoting the recognition of a more connected Central America, and insisted on the need for a more internationally visible regional artistic production. For this, she began to elucidate a strategy that aimed to construct a niche – or “Place” –  for art in the region.

Throughout the years, TEOR/éTica has established itself as one of the most dynamic and propositive cultural projects in Latin America, with recognition and projection on a global scale. From its headquarters in an old house in Barrio Amón, TEOR/éTica is internationally renowned for encouraging new ways of critically thinking of and about ourselves. TEOR/éTica is also a thought generation center with a vast archive and a specialized library.

Located in Lado V , TEOR/éTica’s library specializes in contemporary art, and is enriched by the systematic acquisition of an assorted bibliography. For more information:
Currently 50% of the books are already available in their online platform.


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