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Gianfranco Foschino

Born in 1983 in Chile
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile

Gianfranco Foschino works at the boundary between space-time among photography and cinema. He records with the video camera (a fixed viewpoint; commonly frontal) natural landscapes, rural and urban community scenes. Contradictory to the usual devices designed to capture the movement of things and their temporal flow, Foschino explores the situations in which the dynamics are minimal, sometimes imperceptible to the anxious gaze.

His works can be mistaken, at first glance, as still images. Such ambiguity is emphasized by the way they are displayed. On the wall, framed, these videos look like paintings at first, or backlight photographs. Almost always it takes a while looking at them to notice changes in the configuration of these images.

The discrete movement of animals, people, vehicles or even water that run though the landscape, incidentally captured by the fixed camera of Gianfranco, engages the two streams of temporal perception of the observer: the fixity of natural and urban landscapes, whose alterations are noticed as the days, months, years, decades, centuries pass by (and, for these reasons, frequent themes of pictorial and photographic representation) and the uninterrupted movement of what not only is alive but also the elements that show their fluid movement (explored by the cinema and video).

Solo Exhibitions
2016 – TIME LAPSE – Galeria Metales Pesados Visual, Santiago, Chile
2012 –  Im Oberlichtraum – Galerie Michael Sturm. Stuttgart. Germany
2011 – Scene of the crime – curated by Chirstian Viveros-Fauné. Galería González y González. Santiago. Chile.

Two Person Exhibitions
2010 – Almost Romantic – curated by Christopher Eamon. I-20 Gallery. New York. USA

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2012 – Poetas en tiempo de escasez – Curated By Alfons Hug & Paz Guevara. Centro De Arte Contemporáneo. Quito. Ecuador. Caraffa Museum. Córdoba. Argentina. Centro Cultural Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz. Bolivia. Galería Juan Pardo Heeren. Lima. Perú. Subte. Montevideo. Uruguay.
2012 – Ensayos autonomos – Curated by Bruno Leitao. Espacio de Arte Otr. Madrid. Spain.
2012 – Dicen que somos el atraso – Curated by Rodrigo Quijano. Galería Gabriela Mistral. Santiago. Chile.
2012 – Deus ex media / 10th Video & New Media Biennale Curated by Paula Perissinotto. Contemporary Art Museum. Santiago. Chile
2011 – Between Forever and Never – Latin American Pavilion Curated by Alfons Hug. 54th Biennale Di Venezia. Venice. Italy.
2011 – Panoramas do Sul – 17th Videobrasil Curated by Solange Farkas. Sesc Belenzinho. Sao Paulo. Brazil.2012
2011 – Hohenrausch 2 – Curated by Genoveva Ruckert, Julia Stoff, Martin Sturm. O.K. Centre Of Contemporary Art. Linz. Austria.
2011 – Videosphere: A New Generation – Curated by Holly E. Hughes. Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Buffalo. Usa.
2011 – Less Time Than Space – Curated By Alfons Hug & Paz Guevara. Fundacao Oi Futuro. Belo Horizonte. Brazil Museo De Arte Raúl Anguiano. Guadalajara. México.
2011 – Silencio para 5 + en La pampa – curated by Christian Viveros Fauné. National Museum Of Fine Arts. Santiago. Chile.
2011 – Antologia visual de jovenes fotografos Chile 2010-2011 – Curated by Montserrat Rojas Corradi. Contemporary Art Museum. Santiago. Chile
2010 – Agua Na Oca – Curated by Marcello Dantas. Oca Auditorium. Sao Paulo. Brazil
2010 – Less Time than Space – Curated by Alfons Hug & Paz Guevara. Palais De Glace. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Fundacao Oi Futuro. Rio De Janeiro. Brazil. Museo de Antioquia. Medellín. Colombia. National Museum Of Fine Arts. Santiago. Chile.
2010 – Tempest – Curated by Alfons Hug. Goethe Institute. Hong Kong. China.
2010 – Transcripcion Local – Curated by Rodolfo Andaur. Palacio Astoreca. Iquique. Chile
2010 – Vacuna – Curated by Victor Hugo Bravo & Daniel Reyes León. Wschodnia Gallery. Lodz. Poland.
2010 – To the Elements! – Curated by Alfons Hug. Wyoming Building. New York. Usa.

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