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Founded in 2001
Artistic Director: Agustín Pérez Rubio

Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoaméricano de Buenos Aires) is a dynamic and participatory cultural space in which temporary exhibitions of various kinds are presented (often along with other museums around the world, international collections and similar foundations) and samples of Argentine and Latin American contemporary art. It also has a major program of film and a film library that grows monthly through the acquisition and redemption of essential films in cinema history. The museum also has an area of ​​Literature through which organizes meetings with writers, courses, seminars, literary lectures and book presentations.

Recent and next exhibitions
20.03 — 08.06.2015 – Osías Yanov
 – VI Sesión en el Parlamento
20.03 — 08.0/.2015 – Annemarie Heinrich – 
Intenciones secretas
20.03 — 08.06/2015 -Experiencia Infinita
31.10/2014 — 01.03/2015 – Antonio Berni – 
Juanito y Ramona
08.08 — 13.10/14 – C-32
Sucursal 12.07 — 06.10/2014 – Le Parc – 
15.03 – 16.06.2014 -Mario Testino – 
In Your Face
28.03 – 27.07/2014 – C-31 – 
Lo contrario de la magia
18.10/2013 — 10.02/2014 -Encuentros / Tensiones
 -Arte latinoamericano 
18.10.2013 — 16.03.2014 – Contemporáneo 30 Elba Bairon
13.06/2013 — 16.03/2014 – Liliana Porter – 
El hombre con el hacha 
y otras situaciones 
breves (Source: Malba website)

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